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American Process Service is your go-to, full-service provider when you need a process server in Carson City and Reno, Nevada. We provide service to law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and private individuals. Our staff is exceptionally qualified and talented for the task.

Process Serving

Don’t overlook the critical role of process serving in the pursuit of justice.

Process servers are there to make sure that the party being sued is made aware of their situation. By doing so, they are not only informed that someone is going after them in court, but they are also given the chance to prepare their defense. Sometimes, however, it becomes very difficult to serve the papers to the named defendant. It could be because they moved out of town, unaware that legal action was being taken against them. Or it could be that they were very well aware of what was coming, and so skipped town precisely to avoid it. Whichever the case, the process server now becomes all the more important in facilitating the pursuit of justice. In these situations, civil investigations may also become necessary in order to have a clearer idea of where the defendant can be served.

All of these processes entail a judicious and discreet work process for us to fully serve our clients in a satisfactory manner.

The American Process Service Way: Satisfaction Guaranteed

With American Process Service, you can rest assured we’ll be getting the job done the right way. Thanks to our 35-plus years of experience providing service to the legal community, we have built and grown a team that is armed with the knowledge, expertise, and resources to support and provide for our clients’ needs.

We Guarantee Satisfaction In:

  • Providing a depth of resources and experience to carry out the job efficiently.
  • Meeting your and your court/jurisdiction’s service requirements.
  • Giving quality service that’s built on dedication and integrity.
  • Fulfilling excellence in every performance.

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